2011 Guide to Literary Agents (2010)

2011 Guide to Literary Agents

"Now includes subscription to GLA online (the agents section of writersmarket.com)!"Now in its 20th year, "Guide to Literary Agents" is a writer's best resource for finding a literary agent who can represent their work to publishing houses, big and small. The days when a writer could deal directly with a large publisher are over. Literary agents represent writers and shepherd manuscripts to the right editor; and a good representative is the difference between a published book and a manuscript that never gets read. To help writers acquire an agent, "GLA" provides names and specialties for more than 750 individual agents around the United States and the world. "GLA" includes more than 90 pages of original articles on finding the best agent to represent your work and how to seal the deal. From identifying your genre to writing query letters to avoiding agent pet peeves, "GLA" will help writers deal with agents every step of the way.NOTE: Subsciption to GLA online NOT included with e-book edition.

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