A Little Bit Naughty (2013)

A Little Bit Naughty

Sometimes a girl can't help being a little bit naughty... Jada Dangerfield was living her fairy tale-married to her high school sweetheart and working in her dream job-until it all came crashing down. Struggling to make ends meet, the unemployed divorcee stumbles upon a decidedly naughty new income stream, selling erotic toys to the women of her small hometown. And when Jada gets the chance to host a "Naughty Nights" party at the home of her uptight life-long nemesis Mason Coleman, she realizes it's the perfect way to get under the skin of the one person who has always made her feel as if she wasn't good enough. Mason Coleman relishes his career as a high-powered tax attorney, but his most important job is keeping the promise he made to his father to watch out for his baby sister...even though she hasn't been a "baby" in thirty years. When he learns that his sister may be in trouble, Mason is forced to call on the one person he's never been able to abide, her brash and sexy friend, Jada Dangerfield. There's just one problem...how does he stop Jada from corrupting his sister with her kinky new business? When this unlikely pair is forced to work together, things get a little bit naughty. This is a novella of approximately 38,000 words. Be sure to check out book one in the "Moments in Maplesville" novella series, A PERFECT HOLIDAY FLING!

Author of A Little Bit Naughty