Against All Odds

Struggling to keep her headhunting company afloat, Manhattan executive Melissa Grant has no time for love. Then Adam Roundtree walks into her life. But the the charasmatic businessman is no ordinary client--he's the man who can bring Melissa's career--and her heart--to life...until a shocking discovery jeopardizes their blossming relationship.For Melissa and Adam, fate couldn't have played a cruler trick: Their Maryland ancestors have been embroiled in a stormy feud for generations, turning former business partners into lifelong enemies and leaving a bitter legacy that still casts a long shadow. Then someone starts sabotaging Adam's work, and everything points to Melissa. Now they could lose everything...unless their love is strong enough to close the door on the past and open the door on the past and open their hearts to the passionate promise of the future.

Author of Against All Odds