Butta' and the Tower of Bling (2007)

Butta' and the Tower of Bling

Introducing ButtaVictim of a devastating loss by the hand of the worlds most powerful man, Lingo Stein of Stein Diamonds International. His network of friends in high places is so inexhaustible, its impossible to touch him.On the eve of Lingos anniversary celebrating fifteen years of producing the Earths largest diamonds, he unveils his greatest achievement: a high tech diamond vault at the apex of his new, 112-story tower, equipped with the deadliest security system designed by man.This is the moment Butta waited for. The opportunity to avenge her family and prove, once and for all, the means to Lingos vast wealth was stolen from her father. Assisted by her three, trusted friends and a rogue thief, Butta leads a daring heist at the tower and to take Lingos life.Will executing Lingo Stein bring closure to her life-long suffering? Can anyone ever effectively seek revenge against a global mastermind? Or will she sacrifice the lives of her friends to settle an old score?

Author of Butta' and the Tower of Bling