Covenant (2010)


From the award-winning author of Dark Corner and The Other Brother comes an unforgettable thriller of family secrets, toxic faith, and high-tech suspense. On a golden summer morning, fifteen-year-old Anthony Thorne is on a fishing boat with his father, rods cast into the lake, when the crack of a rifle shatters the silence. His father slumps forward, blood leaking from his chest. Horrified, Anthony spins in the direction of the gunfire, and sees a shadowy figure race away from the shore and vanish in the cover of the trees--a vision that will haunt him for years to come . . .Anthony pulls his dad into his arms, but he is beyond help. He dies in Anthony's embrace, Anthony's scream of anguish echoing across the still waters.Fifteen years later, a happily married Marine veteran and author of a bestselling series of crime novels, Anthony has achieved a measure of success. But the past still haunts him--in spite of his eyewitness testimony, his father's murder was declared a hunting accident, and no one was ever brought to justice.On the anniversary of his father's death, a mysterious message arrives from an unknown sender that promises to lead Anthony to the truth. But is Anthony's helper the angel he'd been waiting for--or a devil in disguise?Determined to find answers, Anthony and his wife soon find themselves hunted by a team of assassins dispatched by a powerful organization with frightening technological resources. The killers pursuing them are as fanatical in their beliefs as they are well-equipped--loyal followers of a charismatic leader who might be the most dangerous man in America . . .Lightning-paced and gripping from the first sentence to the explosive finale, Covenant marks Brandon Massey's entry into the arena of high-stakes action thrillers--a story exploring today's issues that will resonate with readers long after they've turned the last page.

Author of Covenant