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Cyber Security Consulting Ops

Cyber Security Consulting Ops

Cyber Security Consulting Ops

We offer online interactive cybersecurity training to companies. For example, we don't just send out phishing emails like other cybersecurity companies to their employees. Instead, we first show employees the tactics hackers use and how they can identify these attacks before opening an attachment or clicking on an email link.

We are a risk-management cybersecurity consulting firm focused on helping organizations prevent data loss and system lock-ups before a cyber breach. We provide the following services, remote workforce social engineering interactive training for employees, IT Support Services, Wireless Penetration Testing, Wireless Access Point Audits, Web Application Assessments, 24×7 Cyber Monitoring Services, HIPAA and other Compliance Assessments, Ransomware Protection Mitigation Strategies, External and Internal Assessments, and Penetration Testing, and CompTIA Certifications for IT professionals, and digital forensics to recover data after a cybersecurity breach.

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