Dear Mary, Dear Luther (2015)

Dear Mary, Dear Luther

"Dear Mary Dear Luther: A Courtship in Letters" is a love story told through letters and wrapped in history. The letters give us a detailed look into the romance of Mary Brooks and Luther (Luke) Snyder--salt of the earth people who we witness evolving from friends to soulmates. Luther is the pursuer, always being honest with Mary about where she stands. Step by step, he proclaims his feelings as he progresses from attraction to love. Mary--sassy, feisty and mercurial-is a very smart young lady. She continues to date others until Luther makes it clear she is the only one. She accepts his evolving emotional state, never pushing for a greater commitment than he's ready to make. It is wonderful to witness this couple's burgeoning relationship over a period of three and one-half years. Gradually, their intimacy deepens until they reach a point when they both know they're ready to become man and wife. With the family history preceding the letters, and the author's reflections on Mary and Luther's life after they marry, the book is truly the saga of a loving African American family, coping with all the many hardships thrown at them with dignity and grace.

Release Date
March 05, 2015

Author of Dear Mary, Dear Luther