Everything Is You (2012)

Everything Is You

Jacqueline Lawson is a maverick focusing on her career abroad a world away from the conservative Lawson dynasty. But when the award-winning photojournalist returns home to Baton Rouge after a high-stakes assignment, her parents welcome her back with open arms. But there is a shadow over Jacqueline's homecoming. She is hiding a secret,one she is determined to keep. Raymond Jordan has sworn to uncover all of Jacqueline secrets,and her on-again, off-again lover is the only man who has ever gotten under her skin. Raymond didn't follow Jacqueline back to the United States just to let her get away again. The freelance photographer has been by her side in the most dangerous places, and now he wants them to be a permanent team. The passion as hot as ever between them. But love means putting yourself in the line of fire. Is Jacqueline ready to risk her heart?

Author of Everything Is You