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Evolve Revolt Repeat is an arts and design based brand that places style, culture, and sustainability inside your jewelry box. I create one of a kind accessories from up-cycled materials while following one rule: The more unique, the better. Defining the anti-casual aesthetic

As an artist, I believe that what we wear has the power to set us free. Adorning yourself in pieces that bring you joy is an art within itself. ERR sets its path with mixed mediums, blurring the lines between casual and dressy. My customers are as passionate about dressing up for a Tuesday afternoon meeting as they are about glamming up for a Saturday night out on the town.

Evolve by challenging yourself to push forward and live boldly.

My inspiration pours in from all over the place. From my childhood exposure to the rich arts community in Chicago. From dance classes and painting studios. From my time as a student at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. And even as an art teacher, where I discovered my obsession with all things fringe.

Revolt against conformity and appealing to the masses.

After teaching some high school students how to turn thrift store jeans into tie dye shorts one spring, I found myself in the aftermath of denim scraps that seemed too undeserving of the trash can. So I did what any anti-casual baddie of an art teacher would do:

I grabbed my scissors, started cutting, and designed my of fringe earrings.

Repeat, forever moving towards a new revolution.

Today fringe is the soul of ERR. Not just because it adds an element of drama to any outfit, but because each pair is made by hand using a special bleach and dye process that renders a unique color combination every. single. time.

Like you, each pair is an original.

ERR accessories have been showcased at markets in Chicago and Seattle, most recently, at Umoja Fest and Southend Heritage Festival. One of a kind designs are available for order on Instagram @errlooks. I guarantee that when you find your fringe, you’ll find your freedom.


Evolve Revolt Repeat
Evolve Revolt Repeat
Evolve Revolt Repeat
Evolve Revolt Repeat
Evolve Revolt Repeat
Evolve Revolt Repeat

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