From Gigolo to Jesus (2011)

From Gigolo to Jesus

From Gigolo to Jesus is a journey which allows the reader to take a walk with K. L. on his road from whore to man of God, loving husband and dedicated father. He discusses how gaining access to pornography at a young age and having no male role models led him to a life of inward and outward destruction. K. L. is very candid on what his life was like including sleeping with over three hundred women, being a part of over twenty five miscarriages and abortions combined, having six children with five different women, being married and cheating, divorced, all while being lead to hearing the Lord's voice, changing his life, getting married to a woman he cheated on three times while they were dating, reconnecting with all his children, even one he found out about after twenty six years. The book also explores K. L.'s reconnection with his father after 39 years who he never met, being a mentor and educator and becoming a spiritual man. This powerful story will take you through the trials and tribulations of a boy growing into a man. Along the lines of Malcolm X, K. L. decided to offer the world his own words on his life. You will be angered and moved at the true transformation of one man brave enough to be place under societies microscope.

Release Date
February 04, 2011

Author of From Gigolo to Jesus

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