God Why Am I Still Single? (2015)

God Why Am I Still Single?

Are you all "prayed out" and tired of waiting on God to send your husband? In the midst of it all are you asking: "God why am I still single?" In this book you'll discover nine life-changing answers to that question. This book will help you: Identify and overcome the obstacles blocking your prayer request for a husband. Prepare for the best man God has for you. Feel inspired, empowered and encouraged to live your best life now until your husband shows up. Stay focused on Mr. Right while avoiding Mr. Wrong. "God why Am I Still Single" is not your run-of-the-mill relationship book on how to find a man. It is a spiritual guide for Black women who are seeking insight into why her prayer for a husband is not being answered - and what she can do in order to receive the husband she desires and deserves.

Release Date
August 01, 2015

Author of God Why Am I Still Single?