I Get So Hungry

Beloved author Bebe Moore Campbell?s last book shines light on childhood obesity. Once Nikki starts eating, it?s hard for her to stop. She snacks when she is upset, angry or bored. But when her teacher, Mrs. Patterson, is taken to the hospital because of her weight, Nikki realizes that she wants to live a healthier lifestyle. She and Mrs. Patterson work together to help each other succeed, and Nikki even convinces her mom to get involved and exercise, too.Acclaimed author Bebe Moore Campbell said she wrote this as she felt strongly about the worth and necessity of this story. She hoped to touch kids and parents and help them make changes in their lives. Amy Bates' charming illustrations bring to life this important story of one young girl's struggle with weight gain, an all-too-familiar problem for children today.

Author of I Get So Hungry

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