Live Again (2011)

Live Again

True love never dies...if you don't let it. After a failed suicide attempt, widower Keith Lansing is finally getting his life back on track thanks to Live Again, a support group of men who have suffered losses similar to his own. But when the tragedy of the group's newest member flattens them all, Keith finds himself back on a downward spiral. Until he meets Simas. This stranger offers Keith the opportunity of a lifetime--a way to call misdeal on the hand fate so cruelly dealt him--in the form of a simple question. What if he could bring his wife back with no strings attached? Keith jumps at the deal. Who wouldn't? But, while bringing back his wife held no repercussions, keeping her here may be another story all together. Because she didn't return alone...

Release Date
April 22, 2011

Author of Live Again