Mob (2004)


Travis Burns, Vincent Washington, and Ronnie Greer are all wealthy men, thanks in part to the protection of Mike Black. All three are college graduates who played by the corporate rules but still fell victim to layoffs and downsizing. Now, they live by their own rules, the most important of which is Money Over Babes--M.O.B. for short. No woman will ever come between them. They are an organized, prepared, and disciplined robbing machining--robbing banks, grocery stores, and anything else they can for a quick hit. For Travis Burns, life is good--at least it was until he meets Me'shelle Lawrence. Beautiful and intelligent, she's got the goods to make Travis break his crew's most sacred rule, never let a woman interfere with profitability. Now, he must reconcile his loyalty to his crew with his love for Me'shelle and find a way to make it out of the game with his money...and his life.

Release Date
December 01, 2004

Author of Mob