Nana's Cold Days (2009)

Nana's Cold Days

Many people find winter a trial. But for people who come from countries that are warm all year around it can be simply unbearable. Ken and Rama have looked forward to their Nana's visit from Africa for months. But when she arrives, in the middle of winter, she covers herself in three blue top sheets, three red blankets and three pink comforters. Brrr, she says, It's too cold for living things. Nothing Ken nor Rama nor Mama nor Papa can dream up entices Nana from her cozy nest, until she comes down with croup. Then Nana herself quickly takes the situation in hand and solving her own and everyone else's problem.Bushra Junaid has used an innovative collage style to illustrate this warm family story which brings out the humor in the growing concern of this family faced with their recalcitrant grandmother.

Author of Nana's Cold Days

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