High school teacher Dana Dillard has worked hard to make her career dreams come true. But five years after getting her degree, she's still paying off her student loans--and her other ambitions have been put on hold. The most fun she's had lately is watching the reality shows she's hooked on. But all that changes when she sees a new show, Perfect Wedding, which rewards the winner with a luxurious wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii--and Dana decides to go for it. After completing the application, she's set...all she needs now is a fiance! Her colleague Steve Rollings would be happy to fill that role--he's had a wicked crush on smart, determined Dana since the first day they met. Dana considers him more like a brother than boyfriend, much less a fiance. But Steve is just as purposeful as Dana, and he knows she's the only woman for him. Now he just has to convince her he's the groom of her dreams...and prove his passion is the real thing!

Author of Perfect Wedding

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