Prayer for all Seasons (2012)

Prayer for all Seasons

Prayer for all Seasons Whoever said God has a sense of humor must have been on the sidelines enjoying the last laugh. The protagonist and her three friends will learn some valuable lessons as they help Tricee', the main character to deal with the hurt inflicted upon her by her own mother, just when she thought God had heard all of her prayers. Tricee' learns that her best friend since third grade is actually her half - sister! She cannot believe that her mother has held onto this secret for close to thirty years. The characters are realistic and funny which will leave the readers feeling as if they're right there in the scenes! In the end, the protagonist will forgive her mother as one of her closet friends, who has yet to even read the first book of the Bible, helps her to realize that pain only gets worse when you hold onto a grudge.

Release Date
April 07, 2012

Author of Prayer for all Seasons