She Who Finds A Husband (2010)

She Who Finds A Husband

What was the pastor of New Day Temple of Faith thinking when he approved the creation of the New Day Singles Ministry? Better yet, what were its members thinking when they joined?Doreen, lovingly known as the Church Mother of New Day, thought that when she presented the idea of the ministry to the pastor, it could serve as a foundation to empower, encourage, and enlighten the church's single members. But when only women join and Doreen learns that all these women want only one thing out of the ministry--help in finding a man--her mission goes astray.She Who Finds a Husband is what you get when you combine some D ivine, some I ndependent, some V irtuous, some A nimated, and some S toic personalities all in one setting--DIVAS! Dig into this soap opera in print as the women of New Day Temple of Faith Singles Ministry set flight to include a man in their future, not realizing that their past is what's keeping them bound.

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