Sold! (Relative Ties) (Volume 1) (2017)

Sold! (Relative Ties) (Volume 1)

Christmas looks dismal this year for Feechi Anoduro, until she meets CarstenRaimes at an auction. The wealthy businessman asks for her help with an event he's planning, but Feechi has reservations, because the last time a man asked for her help, she wound up disillusioned and pregnant. She has no time to waste on a playboy who's clearly out of her league, especially when she has immediate problems that need solving—a fifteen-year-old clunker that needs to go on a scrap heap and the dog her son has fallen in love with that they cannot afford to keep. Carsten enjoys a challenge any day of the week, and when he's introduced to Feechi, he sees a potential addition to his business team. But Feechi has other ideas and is hard to convince. Seducing her with a job offer doesn't work, so Carsten gets personal, but Feechi isn't sold on anything he has to give. As he alternates between work and play to get her attention, Carsten's attitude changes and suddenly he can't bear to be without this special woman, who makes him want things he never considered important before she came into his world.

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