The Art Of Gold Digging (2008)

The Art Of Gold Digging

When people hear the word "gold digger," they automatically conjure up images of a woman who is deceptive, conniving, and manipulative. They also assume that a gold digger is the type of woman who will do any and everything to get over on men and to get money from them by any means necessary. This book is going to clear up some of those myths and misconceptions and give you a real understanding about the true art of gold digging. Ladies, you must first understand there is nothing wrong with wanting the best out of life. Many women have secret desires to wine, dine, shop and travel the world with a man (or men) of means. The reason why many women keep these desires secret is because society often makes it seem morally wrong for a woman to openly express these desires. Since the beginning of time, society has looked down on the woman who wanted it all. More than that, society has done its part in suppressing a woman's desires. This book is going to help you make these desires come true without hiding behind moral smokescreens. This book is going to help you become a guilt-free gold digger. By and large, women are more attracted to men with money than to men without money. History has shown this to be true. It's something we continue to see everyday? not just in the media? but in our cities and in our neighborhoods. It's a harsh reality that you just have to accept. And you shouldn't have to make any apologies for having that kind of attraction. brbrI'm going to teach you some of the techniques these true gold diggers use to get men to lavish them with endless riches. Some of the things that I will teach you in this book will be#58;br*The mind state ofa gold diggerbr*Where rich men hang outbr*How to attract rich menbr*What type of clothes a gold digger should wearbr*How to carry yourself around rich menbr*What men to avoid brAnd much, much more.brbr

Release Date
December 16, 2008

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