The Little Guy (2019)

The Little Guy

Mikey Stokes, a little person, struggles to find himself, in his problematic world of tough choices. Not being able to escape the over protective hand of his parents, no career, and a non-existent love life, Mikey sinks into depression. His best friend Wamen, although not a little person, shares some of the same hardships as Mikey. Now certain that he has just wasted four years of his life working dead-end jobs on top of not having a girlfriend, Mikey and his eccentric friend Wamen embark on a series of social outings to appease their female void. After hitting a series of romantic brick walls, Mikey feel as if he has hit rock bottom and does the unthinkable. Suddenly coming into a small fortune, Mikey is certain that all of his dreamy fantasies will come true. Sadly, he soon discovers that money can only buy fabrications of love, and that his heart is still incomplete without a true-love.

Release Date
May 23, 2019

Author of The Little Guy