The Shadows Gallery (2011)

The Shadows Gallery

You've been invited to the opening of a grand exhibition, a show unlike any you've ever seen. Inside you might find your greatest joy or your worst fear on display. But be warned, it can be difficult to tell which is which when you're looking through the shadows... Award-winning author L.R. Giles brings forth a collection of tales that take you to the limits of imagination and beyond. Here, billiards is the sport of choice for a deranged killer...a loving couple's relationship takes a deadly turn when they discover their affordable apartment has a hidden cost...a grieving widower looks for peace in a realm where the word has no meaning. Here, anything is possible. These eight stories, together for the first time, will take you from sidesplitting laughs to bone chilling fear. All you need to do is come on in. The Shadows Gallery is open for business.

Release Date
April 21, 2011

Author of The Shadows Gallery