The Soul of Harmony: The Promise - Book One (2015)

The Soul of Harmony: The Promise - Book One

The Soul of Harmony is a music driven, action adventure that follows the near capture of young Harmony Walker and her famous dad, blues and jazz musician John "Eazy" Walker.Seduced by promises of fame and fortune, Harmony enters into a pact with a mysterious woman and accepts possession of a Magical Mouthpiece, with the promise to return it in one year. Unbeknownst to the Walkers, the Mouthpiece was stolen from the Horn of Gabriel by the woman who is actually an evil demon in disguised name Demonica Shadows.After one year of fame, fortune and travels, Harmony refuses to return the ancient artifact thinking the woman has forgotten about it, but the evil woman finds them and uses her demonic powers to change Eazy into an old man and sets about claiming Harmony's soul!Narrowly escaping with their lives and finally understanding the power of the Mouthpiece, the Walkers run from the forces of evil who are waiting and watching for their chance to regain possession of the magical artifact!

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