Traces Of My Blood (2014)

Traces Of My Blood

Four generations of women souring with hurt, resentment, and pain are caught up in the hood trenches, trying to survive life by any means necessary. Pamela's main focus is fulfilling her man Fletcher's every desire, while also neglecting her fifteen-year-old daughter, Komura, who finds love and affection in the arms of a small time hustler. Brandy's thirst for living lavish is unquenchable and so are her thoughts of having a monogamous relationship with a man who grants her every wish. Her mother, Evelyn, warns her not to be fooled by the glitz and the glam, because she's seen it all before. Will Brandy heed the warning? The conniving matriarch of the family, Mama Shelly holds the key to a vaulted family secret that may very well burst into a mighty flame. In this escalating tale of family dysfunction, relationships are torn, secrets emerge, and many hearts are annihilated.

Release Date
May 10, 2014

Author of Traces Of My Blood