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Local.Black is a free platform that lets you promote and discover creative Black Content and Services.

Local.Black is Black Owned, operated and devoted to our Global Black Community.

We are Africans. We are Afro-Latinos. We are African Americans. We are African-Caribbeans. We are Afro-Asians. We are Afro-Europeans. WE ARE BLACK.

Why Join Us

Long story short: we are creating a global database for Black Content and Services, and you can join us for free.

Online platforms aren’t neutral. Not everyone will get equal opportunity in the digital world. More often than not, what happens in the real world, is reproduced online.

Online search results and recommendations are built by algorithms that replicate the racial bias from their creators and learn from website visitor’s behavior and clicks. On top of that, several media outlets and online publications capitalize on what’s trendy to keep them relevant on search results thus, often, excluding us from the picture.

As consequence, online search tools present racial bias results. Global Africans and their descendant’s people need to work 2, 5 or even 10 times more to accomplish similar levels of online relevance compared to individuals of other racial groups.

This mechanism based on trends and influenced by bias creates situations like back in 2020 when we saw a massive spike in support for our black community and BLM protests. Many non-black publications featured articles covering the protests, and lists like “50 black businesses to support on your city”, “black organizations to donate”, “black authors you should follow…” Unfortunately, after only 3 months, the support for blacks already showed a decline, and we as black people, are stuck on this loop of counting on support that comes and goes with little to no real change, working mostly like a band-aid, and not the solution that was promised.

For many, support for black community was a trend. We are not a trend; we are here to stay.

Other diaspora groups have been building their internal structures for decades, supporting each other, hiring and creating opportunities, buying from each other, allowing growth without relying much on resources from other groups, with their own independent networks, business, industries and supply chains. Every layer is covered, internally.

Our Black Diaspora is not on that level YET, it is not easy to find everything we need inside our community. How many times have we see posts with just a few answers, on black groups in social media asking, “any psychologist here?”, “do we have a removalist on this group?”, “where can I find black lawyers in this city?”.

There are also situations when services provided by non-black professionals might not suit our needs, like a mental health professional that really understand where we are coming from, or business consultants that can help to plan ahead for challenges that only impact black professionals when building a business… It affects even our entertainment, where non-black producers invest only on productions about black trauma, or non-black reviewers and their lack of understanding issues on a content that they just labelled “best movie of the year” … This list goes on…

And besides all obstacles created by external factors, our own community suffers from fragmentation based on territories, creating smaller groups based on country of origin, limiting our growth by territorial lines that many times were not even created by our own people.

We on Local.Black believes that our internal support needs to go beyond territorial lines and countries, our Blackness is global, and we need to cover every layer of any given industry. We are creating a global database for Black Content and Services, and as other non-black diaspora groups have successfully done, we will also grow stronger together.

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