Black-Owned Restaurants Sacramento: Top Picks You Must Visit

In the heart of California, Sacramento’s culinary scene is a vibrant testament to the city’s rich diversity. It’s not just about food; it’s about stories, heritage and community.

Among these stories are those of black-owned restaurants downtown that bring unique flavors to our plates while contributing significantly to local economies.

Recognizing and supporting these businesses isn’t just an act of solidarity; it’s a chance to savor some seriously good eats you won’t find anywhere else.

Sacramento’s Top Black-Owned Restaurants

Sacramento’s food scene is as diverse as its people. A city where African, Caribbean, and soul food blend seamlessly into the culinary landscape.

Savoring the African Flavors

For a taste of Africa in Sacramento, you can’t beat Queen Sheba. This Ethiopian spot on Broadway has been serving up traditional dishes like Doro Wat (spicy chicken stew) and Kitfo (minced raw beef) for over a decade.

  • Address: 1704 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818
  • Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 11am – 10pm
  • Specialties: Doro Wat, Kitfo

Caribbean Delights in the Heart of California

Tropics Ale House is another must-visit. With Hawaiian-inspired dishes like Poke Bowls and Huli Huli Chicken Wings alongside a great selection of craft beers.

  • Address: DOCO (Downtown Commons), Sacramento
  • Opening hours: Monday-Sunday from noon till late night
  • Specialties: Poke Bowl, Huli Huli Chicken Wings

Soul Food that Soothes the Soul

For some down-home Southern comfort, Fixins Soul Kitchen is where it’s at. This Oak Park eatery serves up classics like Fried Chicken and Grits alongside innovative dishes such as their Shrimp & Grits Egg Rolls.

  • Address: 3428 3rd Ave., Sacramento, CA
  • Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday from noon till sold out
  • Specialties: Fried Chicken, Shrimp & Grits Egg Rolls

Highlighting Colo’s Soul Food & Seafood

Sacramento’s black-owned restaurant scene is diverse and flavorful. At the forefront of this culinary landscape is Colo’s Southern Cafe, a gem that serves up delectable dishes guaranteed to make your taste buds dance.

Signature Dishes at Colo’s

Colo’s menu is a treasure trove of soul food delights. The star player? Their seafood gumbo. This hearty stew-like dish brims with shrimp, crab legs, and sausage, all swimming in a rich, spicy broth. It’s like Mardi Gras in your mouth!

Their fried chicken is another fan favorite. Seasoned to perfection and fried till it’s golden brown and crispy on the outside yet tender and juicy on the inside. It’s paired with homemade cornbread that melts in your mouth – pure comfort food bliss.

Commitment to Authenticity

The essence of soul food lies not just in its flavors but also in its roots. Colo’s understands this well and stays true to authentic recipes passed down through generations.

They use fresh ingredients sourced locally where possible, ensuring each dish retains its original flavor profile while supporting local producers – talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Dining Experience at Colo’s

Step into Colo’s, and you’ll be greeted by warm smiles and an atmosphere that feels like home. The walls echo with laughter, chatter, clinking cutlery against plates – it’s lively yet comforting.

The place has a rustic charm about it; think wooden tables, mismatched chairs giving off an old-school vibe that pairs perfectly with their soulful menu.

And let’s not forget about their coffee list! Whether you’re a caffeine addict or someone who enjoys an occasional cuppa joe, their selection will have something for you.

Diving into Palace African Restaurant Delights

Sacramento is a city that’s not short of amazing black-owned restaurants. One such gem is the Palace African Restaurant, a haven for authentic traditional African cuisine.

A Peek into the Menu Offerings

The menu at this restaurant is like a love letter to Africa. It’s chock-full of dishes that take you on a culinary journey across the continent.

From the hearty Jollof rice, which is a staple in many West African countries, to the flavorful Egusi soup, every dish tells a story. And let’s not forget their Suya – grilled skewers of meat marinated in spicy peanut sauce. It’s an absolute must-try!

Authenticity at Its Best

If there’s one thing that sets Palace African Restaurant apart from other restaurants in Sacramento, CA, it’s their commitment to authenticity.

You won’t find any watered-down versions of traditional dishes here. Instead, they serve up food just as it would be prepared back home.

To ensure this authenticity, they source ingredients directly from Africa and follow traditional cooking methods to the tee.

Encouraging Support for Sacramento’s Black-Owned Restaurants

Boosting Community Growth through Local Support

Supporting local black-owned restaurants is like watering a plant in your backyard. It’s all about nurturing and growth. When we invest our dollars into these businesses, we’re fueling the local economy and fostering community development.

We’re not just buying a meal; we’re supporting dreams, creating jobs, and promoting diversity. A study by the Kellogg School of Management found that cities with higher black business ownership are associated with reduced racial wealth gaps.

The same Kellogg School of Management published a study concluding the following: between half a million and a million jobs could be created if higher-income black households spent only $1 of every $10 at black-owned stores and other enterprises.”

  • A dollar circulates in Asian communities for a month
  • A dollar circulates in Jewish communities for 20 days
  • A dollar circulates in White communities for 17 days
  • And, a dollar circulates in the Black community for 6 hours

African-American buying power is at 1.1 Trillion; but, only 2 cents of every dollar an African American spends in this country goes to black-owned businesses

Ways to Show Love to Our Local Eateries

Now you might be wondering, “How can I support these restaurants?” Well, it’s simpler than you think!

  • Dine-in: If health guidelines allow, why not enjoy a meal in? You get to experience the ambiance and hospitality firsthand.
  • Takeaway Orders: Can’t dine-in? No problem! Ordering takeout is another fantastic way to show some love.
  • Gift Cards: These make perfect gifts! Plus, they provide immediate cash flow to the restaurant.

Remember folks, every little bit helps!

Social Media: The Modern-Day Word of Mouth

In this digital age, social media has become our town square. It’s where we share news, events…and food pics!

Platforms like Instagram or Facebook can play a massive role in promoting these establishments. So next time you enjoy that delicious soul food or BBQ ribs from your favorite black-owned restaurant in Sacramento – don’t forget to snap a pic!

Tag them in your post or use relevant hashtags like #BlackOwnedSacramento or #SupportLocalBusiness. This way you’re not only enjoying good food but also helping these businesses reach more potential customers.

Impact of Supporting Black-Owned Restaurants

Supporting black-owned restaurants in Sacramento is more than just about getting your grub on. It’s a powerful way to show solidarity and uplift communities. By choosing to dine at these establishments, you’re voting with your wallet and making a direct impact.

So next time you’re hankering for some soul food or African delights, why not give Queen Sheba or Palace African Restaurant a try? Or better yet, explore our guide and discover new favorites!

Remember, each bite you take is a step towards creating a more inclusive culinary scene in Sacramento. So go ahead and seize the chance to make a difference—one delicious meal at a time!


What are some top-rated black-owned restaurants in Sacramento?

Colo’s Soul Food & Seafood, Palace African Restaurant, and Queen Sheba are among the top-rated black-owned restaurants in Sacramento.

How does supporting black-owned businesses impact the community?

Supporting black-owned businesses helps stimulate local economies, create job opportunities, reduce economic disparity, and promote diversity and inclusion.

How does Sacramento compare to other cities when it comes to black-owned restaurants?

Sacramento has an impressive array of black-owned restaurants offering diverse cuisines. However, every city has its unique culinary landscape influenced by various factors like demographics and cultural history.

Can I find vegetarian options at these black-owned restaurants?

Yes. Many of these establishments offer diverse menus that cater to different dietary preferences including vegetarian options.

Are these restaurants available for takeout or delivery?

Most of them do offer takeout and delivery services but it’s always best to check their official websites or contact them directly for accurate information.

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