Black-Owned Tequila Brands for Your Fiesta

Have you ever tried a black-owned tequila from different distillers? If not, you’re missing out on some of the best tasting and unique tequilas in the market. These women business owners are taking the industry by storm, with African-American entrepreneurs at the helm creating their own distinct flavors and styles with the help of master blenders. Don’t forget to try their añejo varieties for an even more elevated drinking experience.

From blanco to añejo, black-owned tequila brands offer a variety of types that cater to different tastes and preferences. Each brand has its own story and personality that sets them apart from the rest. Some of these brands are owned by women business owners, like DeLeón, which offers a range of varieties that are worth trying. Whether you’re a woman or not, these tequilas are definitely worth exploring.

The first black-owned tequila company, Du Nord Craft Spirits, was founded by owner Chris Montana in 2016 in Minneapolis. Since then, more black-owned businesses have entered the fine tequilas market, offering their unique take on this popular spirit. Some have even ventured into the development of high-end options like DeLeón.

We’ll start with a quick review of their certifications and TLA members before delving into the different expressions they offer, and what makes them stand out from other tequilas in the market.

If you’re a tequila fan, you might want to check out some fine tequilas from black-owned businesses. To get a quick review of the best options out there, keep reading. Some of these brands even offer añejo varieties for the ultimate tequila experience. And if you’re a member of TLA, you’ll definitely want to add these black-owned tequila brands to your collection.

Recommended Black-Owned Tequila Brands to Try

Casa de Mi Alma: Premium 100% Blue Agave Tequila

Casa de Mi Alma is a black-owned business that produces premium tequila made from 100% blue agave. The company was founded by Benny Luciano, who grew up in the Bronx and developed a passion for tequila while working in the hospitality industry during college. After learning about the tequila-making process during a trip to Mexico, he decided to start his own brand. Today, Casa de Mi Alma offers añejo varieties and is proud to be supported by TLA members.

Casa de Mi Alma’s flagship product is its Blanco tequila, which has a smooth taste with notes of citrus and vanilla. The company also offers Reposado and Añejo varieties, which are aged for six months and one year, respectively. These tequilas have a more complex flavor profile with hints of caramel and oak. As a business that values its customers, Casa de Mi Alma takes pride in providing high-quality tequilas that are perfect for TLA members who enjoy authentic Mexican expressions. Whether you’re a college student or a seasoned tequila connoisseur, Casa de Mi Alma’s tequila collection is sure to impress.

One unique aspect of Casa de Mi Alma is its commitment to sustainability. The company uses recycled glass bottles for its products and partners with local farmers in Mexico to source its agave. Additionally, Casa de Mi Alma offers craft tequila, ego tequila, tequila blanco, and talero tequila for those who seek a unique and flavorful experience.

IZO Mezcal: Range of Traditional Mezcal and Flavored Spirits

IZO Mezcal is a black-owned business tequila brand that offers a range of products, from traditional mezcal to flavored spirits. The company was founded by Gaston Martinez, who comes from a family of mezcal makers in Oaxaca, Mexico. TLA members can enjoy a discount on their purchases. Additionally, Gaston Martinez learned the art of mezcal making from his family’s school.

IZO Mezcal’s traditional mezcals, including craft tequila and tequila blanco, are made using artisanal methods that have been passed down through generations. These mezcals have distinct smoky flavors with notes of earthy minerals. The company also offers ego tequila and talero tequila, as well as flavored mezcals infused with natural ingredients like pineapple or coffee.

In addition to its mezcal line and organic vodka, IZO Mezcal also offers a range of craft tequilas under the brand name Ego Tequila. The tequila view from IZO’s business is to source the best agave plants from sustainable farms in Mexico, ensuring the highest quality for their products.

Tequila Ocho: Popular Tequila Brand Owned by Third-Generation Maker

Tequila Ocho is a popular tequila brand owned by Carlos Camarena, a third-generation tequila maker from Mexico. The business only produces tequilas from specific agave fields, or “ranches,” in Jalisco in order to maintain quality. Members can review the different types of tequilas available on the website before placing an order.

Tequila Ocho’s Blanco tequila has received rave reviews for its crisp taste with notes of citrus and pepper. It’s a must-try for any business looking to impress their clients with premium expressions of tequila. Don’t hesitate to order a bottle today and experience the smooth flavor with hints of vanilla and caramel from the Reposado variety, or the more complex flavor profile with notes of chocolate and dried fruit from the Añejo tequila aged for one year.

One unique aspect of Tequila Ocho’s business is its commitment to transparency. Each bottle includes information about the specific ranch where the agave was sourced, as well as details about the harvest and distillation process for review by members who order it.

Fuenteseca: Black-Owned Tequila Brand Sourcing Agave from Small Family Farms

Fuenteseca is a black-owned tequila business that sources its agave from small family farms in Jalisco, Mexico in order to maintain authentic expressions of the spirit. The company was founded by Enrique Fonseca, who has been involved in the tequila industry for over 30 years and is supported by dedicated members of his team.

Fuenteseca’s traditional tequila varieties are perfect for business gatherings. Their Blanco tequila has a fresh taste with expressions of green apple and white pepper. To order, their Reposado variety is aged for six months in oak barrels, giving it a smooth flavor with hints of caramel and vanilla. For those who prefer a richer taste, the Añejo variety is aged for two years, resulting in a complex flavor with notes of dark chocolate and tobacco.

One unique aspect of Fuenteseca is its focus on sustainability, which is evident in their craft tequila expressions. The business works closely with local farmers to ensure that its agave is grown using sustainable practices that protect the environment. From a tequila view, Fuenteseca’s commitment to sustainability is admirable and sets them apart in the industry.

Lobos 1707: Family-Owned Brand Producing High-End Tequilas

The family-owned business Lobos 1707 produces high-end tequilas using traditional methods in order to create unique blends of agave expressions. The company was founded by Diego Osorio, whose family has been involved in the tequila industry for over 200 years.

Lobos 1707 is a great business to order several varieties of tequila, including Blanco, Reposado, and Extra Añejo. Its Blanco tequila has a crisp taste with notes of citrus and agave.

Tequila Lobos

Premium Quality Tequila from a Black-Owned Brand

Tequila Lobos is a premium quality tequila brand that stands out in the business industry for its unique flavor and cultural significance. Founded by former NBA player Caron Butler, this black-owned brand has quickly become a favorite among tequila enthusiasts worldwide. Order now to experience the exceptional taste of Tequila Lobos.

A Passion for Culture and Taste

Caron Butler’s love for tequila led him to create the business of Tequila Lobos, where he celebrates the rich history and tradition behind the order of tequila-making in Mexico.

Three Distinctive Flavors

Tequila Lobos is a business that offers three different types of tequilas: Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo. Each type has its own distinctive flavor profile, making it easy for any business to find their perfect match.


Tequila Lobos Blanco is a business-friendly unaged spirit, bottled straight after distillation. This gives it a crisp, clean taste with hints of citrus and agave sweetness, perfect for sipping or mixing into your favorite business cocktails.


Tequila Lobos Reposado is a perfect choice for business meetings and corporate events. Aged for at least six months in oak barrels, this premium tequila has a smooth and mellow flavor profile with hints of vanilla and caramel that will surely impress your clients. Whether you prefer to sip it neat or use it to add depth to your margaritas, Tequila Lobos Reposado is an excellent choice for any business occasion.


Tequila Lobos Añejo is aged for at least one year in oak barrels before bottling. This extended aging process gives it a complex flavor profile with hints of chocolate, coffee, and toasted oak. It’s best enjoyed neat or as the star ingredient in an Old Fashioned cocktail.

Casa de Reyes Tequila: A Unique Black-Owned Craft Tequila Brand

Craft Tequila at Its Finest

Casa de Reyes Tequila is a black-owned craft tequila brand that offers a range of tequila expressions, including blanco, reposado, and mezcal. Their tequilas are made from 100% blue agave and have unique flavors that make them stand out from other brands.

Their flagship product is the tequila blanco, which has a smooth taste with notes of citrus and vanilla. This expression is perfect for sipping or mixing into your favorite cocktails. For those who prefer aged tequilas, their reposado expression is aged for six months in American oak barrels, giving it a rich and complex flavor profile.

But what sets Casa de Reyes apart from other craft tequilas is their use of unique ingredients to create one-of-a-kind flavors. One such offering is their coconut lime blanco tequila. This expression combines the tropical flavors of coconut and lime with the smoothness of their blanco tequila to create a refreshing drink that’s perfect for summer cocktails.

Part of Cincoro Tequila Portfolio

Casa de Reyes Tequila is part of the Cincoro Tequila portfolio, a premium tequila brand co-founded by NBA legends Michael Jordan and five other NBA owners. The portfolio includes four expressions: blanco, reposado, añejo, and exclusive bleu royal.

The bleu royal tequila expression offers a stunning view of the finest Weber Blue Agave from Jalisco’s highlands. It’s then distilled in small batches before being aged for seven years in French oak barrels that were previously used to age Bordeaux wine.

Being part of the Cincoro portfolio means that Casa de Reyes meets high standards. It’s no surprise that their tequilas have won several awards over the years.

Mezcal Expression

In addition to their tequila expressions, Casa de Reyes also offers a mezcal expression. Mezcal is a type of agave-based spirit that’s similar to tequila but with a smokier flavor profile.

Their mezcal expression is made using 100% espadín agave and is double distilled in copper stills before being bottled at 42% ABV. The result is a complex drink with notes of smoke, pepper, and citrus.

Casa de Reyes Tequila is a unique black-owned craft tequila brand that’s worth checking out if you’re looking for something different. Their use of unique ingredients and attention to detail.

Whether you prefer sipping on blanco or aged tequilas or want to try something new like their coconut lime blanco or mezcal expression, there’s something for everyone in the Casa de Reyes portfolio. And being part of the Cincoro Tequila portfolio means that you can trust the quality and craftsmanship of their products.

Serpiente for the Bold: A Black-Owned Tequila Brand

The Legend Behind Serpiente for the Bold

Serpiente for the Bold is a black-owned tequila brand that has been making waves in the spirits industry. The name “Serpiente for the Bold” comes from a legend of a woman who led her people to safety by following a serpent’s trail through the mountains. Nayana Ferguson, founder and breast cancer survivor, was inspired by this story and created a spirit that reflects her values.

Black-Owned and Blue Agave Plants

Serpiente for the Bold uses blue agave plants from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, to create their tequila. These plants are known for producing some of the best tequilas in the world due to their unique flavor profile. However, what sets Serpiente for the Bold apart is its commitment to supporting its community.

Nayana Ferguson founded Serpiente for the Bold as an expression of her love for the earth and desire to create something that could make a positive impact on society. As a result, she has made it her mission to give back to her community by supporting causes such as breast cancer research and education.

Recognized by Media Outlets and Celebrities

Serpiente for the Bold has received media attention from outlets such as Forbes and has been endorsed by celebrities like LeBron James. Its commitment to quality and community involvement have made it stand out in an industry dominated by large corporations.

But what makes Serpiente for the Bold truly special is its dedication to creating an exceptional product while also making a difference in people’s lives. Nayana Ferguson’s passion shines through in every bottle of tequila produced by Serpiente for the Bold.

How to Enjoy Serpiente for the Bold Tequila

If you’re looking to try something new or support black-owned businesses, here are some ways you can enjoy Serpiente for the Bold tequila:

  • Sip it neat: The best way to experience the unique flavor profile of Serpiente for the Bold is to sip it neat. Take your time and savor each sip.
  • Mix up a margarita: For a classic cocktail, mix Serpiente for the Bold with lime juice and triple sec for a refreshing margarita.
  • Get creative with cocktails: Try mixing Serpiente for the Bold with other flavors like grapefruit or jalapeno for a unique twist on classic cocktails.

Anteel Tequila

A Black-Owned Tequila Brand That Offers Unique Flavors

Anteel Tequila is a brand that stands out in the tequila world for its unique flavors and black-owned status. Founded by Maverick Carter, LeBron James’s business partner, Anteel Tequila is made from 100% blue weber agave, a type of agave plant commonly used in tequila production.

Three Varieties to Choose From

Anteel Tequila offers three varieties: blanco, añejo, and extra añejo. Each variety has a unique tequila profile that sets it apart from the others.


The blanco tequila is unaged and has a crisp, clean taste with notes of citrus and pepper. It is perfect for those who prefer their tequilas without any added flavorings or aging. The best way to enjoy this variety is by sipping it slowly from a glass or using it as the base for your favorite margarita recipe.


The añejo expression is aged for at least one year in oak barrels, resulting in a smooth and complex flavor with hints of vanilla and caramel. This variety is perfect for those who prefer their tequilas with more depth of flavor than the blanco but not as much as the extra añejo. You can enjoy this variety by sipping it slowly from a glass or using it to make an Old Fashioned cocktail.

Extra Añejo

The extra añejo variety is aged for at least three years in oak barrels, resulting in an incredibly smooth and complex flavor with notes of dark chocolate and dried fruit. This variety is perfect for those who want to experience the full range of flavors that come with aging tequilas. You can enjoy this variety by sipping it slowly from a glass or using it as the base for a sophisticated cocktail.

How to Drink Anteel Tequila

There are several ways to enjoy it. Here are some tips on how to drink Anteel Tequila:

  • Always use a clean and clear glass that will allow you to appreciate the color of the tequila.
  • Take a deep breath and smell the tequila before taking a sip. This will help you identify any aromas that might be present in the tequila.
  • Sip the tequila slowly, allowing it to coat your tongue and palate. This will help you appreciate all of its flavors.
  • If you prefer your tequilas with added flavorings, try mixing them with fresh fruit juices or making a margarita with fresh lime juice and agave nectar.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different cocktails and mixers until you find your perfect match.

Anteel Tequila is a black-owned brand that offers unique flavors and high-quality products. Whether you prefer your tequilas unaged or aged, there is an Anteel variety for everyone. With these tips on how to drink Anteel Tequila, you can fully appreciate all of its flavors and enjoy them in whichever way suits your taste buds best.

Los Hermanos Tequila: A Black-Owned Tequila Brand Taking the World by Storm

Black-Owned and Proud

Los Hermanos Tequila is a black-owned tequila brand that has been making waves in the spirits industry since its inception. Founded by three brothers, Chris, Kenny, and Brandon, Los Hermanos Tequila is more than just a business; it’s a passion project that celebrates their Mexican heritage.

The brothers’ love for tequila began during their childhood trips to Mexico to visit family. They were fascinated by the process of making tequila and knew that they wanted to be a part of it someday. Fast forward years later, and their dream became a reality with the launch of Los Hermanos Tequila.

From Jalisco, Mexico to Your Glass

All of Los Hermanos Tequilas are made in Jalisco, Mexico, at the DeLeón distillery. Jalisco is known as the birthplace of tequila and is home to some of the best agave fields in the world. The DeLeón distillery is renowned for its high-quality spirits and state-of-the-art production facilities.

Los Hermanos Tequilas are made using only 100% Blue Weber agave plants grown in Jalisco’s red clay soil. The plants are slow-roasted in traditional brick ovens before being crushed using volcanic stone mills. This process results in a smooth and flavorful tequila that can be enjoyed neat or mixed into your favorite cocktail.

Award-Winning Spirits

Members of Los Hermanos Tequila have won awards for their tequilas around the world. In 2020, Kenny won Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition for their Reposado tequila. This award-winning spirit has been aged for six months in American oak barrels which give it its distinct flavor profile.

Their Blanco tequila has also received recognition from industry experts such as Wine Enthusiast Magazine, which gave it a score of 91 points and described it as “bright and zesty.”

A Rising Star in the United States

Los Hermanos Tequila has gained popularity in the United States, where it’s available in select states. The brand has been featured in various publications such as Forbes and Essence Magazine, where they’ve been recognized for their commitment to quality and authenticity.

In addition to its excellent taste, Los Hermanos Tequila is also committed to giving back to its community. The brand supports various charitable organizations that promote education and entrepreneurship among underprivileged youth.

E. Cuarenta Tequila: The Fine Mexican Liquor You Need to Try

Made with 100% Blue Agave

E. Cuarenta Tequila is a fine tequila that has been in the market for many years. It is made from 100% blue agave, which gives it a unique and authentic flavor that sets it apart from other tequilas. The blue agave plant is grown in Mexico, where the climate and soil conditions are perfect for its growth.

The process of making E. Cuarenta Tequila involves harvesting the agave plant and roasting it to release its natural sugars. The juice is then fermented and distilled to create a smooth and delicious liquor that can be enjoyed straight or mixed in cocktails.

Sleek Bottle Design

One of the things that make E. Cuarenta Tequila stand out is its sleek bottle design. The bottle’s shape resembles a canteen, which makes it easy to hold and pour, while its black color adds elegance and sophistication to any bar or drinks cabinet.

The label on the bottle features an intricate design that showcases the brand’s logo, name, and other details about the product, such as its alcohol content (40% ABV) and volume (750ml). This attention to detail reflects the quality of the liquor inside.

Low-Calorie Option

If you’re watching your calorie intake but still enjoy a good drink, then E. Cuarenta Tequila is an excellent option for you. Unlike other tequilas that can have up to 100 calories per serving, this fine liquor has only 69 calories per serving.

This low-calorie count makes it an ideal drink for dinner or any time of day when you want to indulge without worrying about adding extra pounds. You can enjoy it neat or mix it with your favorite mixer for a guilt-free cocktail experience.

E.Cuarenta Tequila is a must-try for anyone who loves fine tequilas. Its authentic flavor, sleek bottle design, and low-calorie count make it stand out from other brands in the market. Whether you’re a seasoned tequila drinker or new to the liquor, E.Cuarenta Tequila is an excellent choice that won’t disappoint.

So why not grab a bottle of E.Cuarenta Tequila today and experience the taste of Mexico in your own city? You can find it at many liquor stores across the country, including in New York City, where it has gained popularity over the years. Cheers!

Revel Avila Tequila: A Black Owned Tequila Brand

Tequila is a popular spirit that has been enjoyed for centuries. However, not many people are aware of the diversity within the industry. Revel Avila Tequila is a black-owned tequila brand that offers a unique and high-quality blanco expression.

A High-Quality Blanco Expression

Revel Avila Tequila’s blanco expression is made from 100% blue Weber agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. The agave is harvested at peak maturity to ensure maximum flavor and quality. The juice is then extracted using traditional methods before being fermented and double-distilled in copper pot stills.

The result is a smooth and flavorful tequila with notes of citrus, vanilla, and pepper. It has a clean finish with a slight hint of sweetness that makes it perfect for sipping or mixing in cocktails.

Small Batches for Quality and Consistency

Revel Avila Tequila produces its tequilas in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. Each batch is carefully crafted by master distillers who have years of experience in producing premium tequilas.

The small-batch approach allows Revel Avila to closely monitor each step of the production process, ensuring that every bottle meets their high standards. This attention to detail ensures that each bottle has the same great taste as the last.

Supporting Diversity and Inclusivity in the Market

Supporting black-owned businesses is crucial for promoting diversity and inclusivity in the market. The alcohol industry, like many others, has been dominated by larger corporations that have historically excluded minority groups from ownership and leadership positions. By supporting black-owned tequila brands, consumers can help close the racial wealth gap and support economic empowerment for black entrepreneurs.

The importance of diversity in the market cannot be overstated. When businesses are owned by a diverse group of individuals, they bring unique perspectives and experiences to their products and services. This leads to increased innovation, creativity, and competitiveness in the market. By supporting black-owned tequila brands, consumers are helping to ensure that these voices are heard and valued.

Unique Products Worth Trying

Black-owned tequila brands offer unique products that are worth trying. These brands often use traditional methods of production that have been passed down through generations of family members. They also tend to prioritize using high-quality ingredients sourced directly from local farmers.

For example, Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is a black-owned whiskey brand that has gained popularity in recent years due to its unique story and high quality product. The brand was named after Nathan “Nearest” Green, an enslaved man who taught Jack Daniel how to distill whiskey. Today, Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is made using Nearest’s original recipe with locally sourced ingredients.

Similarly, Onda Tequila is a female-founded tequila brand co-owned by actress Shay Mitchell that uses sustainably sourced agave from Jalisco, Mexico. The brand offers a range of flavors including grapefruit and lime that provide a refreshing twist on traditional tequila.

Sending a Message to Larger Corporations

Choosing to support black-owned businesses sends a message to larger corporations that consumers value diversity and representation in the market. When consumers choose to purchase products from black-owned businesses, they are sending a signal that they want to see more diversity in the market.

This message can be especially powerful when it comes from a large group of consumers. By promoting and supporting black-owned tequila brands on social media and through word-of-mouth, consumers can help create a groundswell of support for these businesses. This increased visibility can lead to larger corporations taking notice and making changes to their business practices.

Contributing to the Fight Against Systemic Racism

Supporting black-owned businesses is a tangible way to contribute to the fight against systemic racism and inequality. The racial wealth gap in America is significant, with white families having an average net worth ten times greater than that of black families. By choosing to support black-owned tequila brands, consumers are helping to close this gap by providing economic opportunities for black entrepreneurs.

Supporting these businesses helps promote representation and inclusivity in the market. When minority groups have access to resources and opportunities, they are better able to compete in the market and achieve success on their own terms.

Celebrating and Supporting Black-Owned Tequila Brands

Recognition of Black-Owned Tequila Brands in the Spirits Industry

Black-owned tequila brands are gaining recognition in the spirits industry, with more consumers seeking out these unique offerings. These brands offer a fresh perspective on traditional tequila production, infusing their own cultural backgrounds and experiences into their products. One such brand is Onda, co-founded by actress Shay Mitchell and entrepreneur Michael Cammarata. Onda prides itself on being inclusive and accessible, creating a tequila that can be enjoyed by all.

Another black-owned brand making waves in the industry is IZO Mezcal. While not strictly a tequila brand, IZO offers a range of mezcal products that are sustainably produced using traditional methods. The founders of IZO have worked hard to create an authentic product that reflects their Mexican heritage while also promoting sustainability and ethical practices.

Promoting Diversity and Representation in the Market

Supporting black-owned tequila brands can help promote diversity and representation in the market. By choosing to purchase from these brands, consumers send a message to larger companies that they value inclusivity and want to see more diverse representation in the industry. This can lead to increased opportunities for black entrepreneurs looking to break into the market.

One example of a company committed to promoting diversity is Brown Estate Winery. While not specifically a tequila or mezcal brand, Brown Estate was founded by siblings Deneen, David, and Coral Brown – one of only a handful of black-owned wineries in California at the time of its founding. The Browns have worked hard to create high-quality wines that reflect both their family’s history as well as their contemporary experiences.

Unique and High-Quality Tequilas Worth Trying

Many black-owned tequila brands offer unique and high-quality products worth trying. For example, Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey was founded by Fawn Weaver after she learned about the story of Nathan “Nearest” Green, a formerly enslaved man who taught Jack Daniel how to distill whiskey. Uncle Nearest offers a range of whiskeys that are expertly crafted and have won numerous awards.

Another brand worth trying is La Hora Azul Tequila. Founded by father-and-son duo Salvador and Carlos Chavez, La Hora Azul produces small-batch tequilas using traditional methods. Their products have been well-received by critics and consumers alike, with many praising their smoothness and unique flavor profiles.

Creating an Inclusive and Equitable Industry

Celebrating black-owned tequila brands can help create a more inclusive and equitable industry. By shining a spotlight on these entrepreneurs and their products, we can encourage others to follow in their footsteps. This can lead to greater diversity within the industry as well as increased opportunities for underrepresented groups.

One example of a company committed to creating an equitable industry is Dos Alas Spirits. Founded by husband-and-wife team Julio and Marsha Garcia, Dos Alas produces premium tequilas using agave grown exclusively on their family’s estate in Jalisco, Mexico. The Garcias have made it their mission to promote social responsibility within the industry, including supporting local farmers and producers.

Conclusion: Celebrating and Supporting Black Owned Tequila Brands

If you’re a tequila lover, then you should definitely try out some of the amazing black-owned tequila brands available in the market. By supporting these businesses, not only will you get to taste unique and high-quality tequila, but you’ll also be contributing to the growth of black entrepreneurship.

Tequila Lobos is perfect for those who appreciate artisanal tequilas made from 100% blue agave. Casa de Reyes Tequila is another great option that offers a smooth and flavorful experience. For those who like their tequilas bold and spicy, Serpiente for the Bold won’t disappoint.

Other noteworthy black-owned tequila brands include Anteel Tequila, Los Hermanos Tequila, E. Cuarenta Tequila, and Revel Avila Tequila. Each brand has its own unique flavor profile that’s sure to impress your taste buds.

We encourage our readers to support black-owned businesses by purchasing their products. In addition to buying their delicious tequilas, you can also support them by spreading the word about their products on social media or leaving positive reviews online.

It’s important to note that there are professional and leadership development programs available for black-owned businesses. These programs offer training and resources that can help these businesses grow and thrive.

As a member of TLA (Tequila Lovers Association), you can enjoy exclusive discounts on Brickterranean Beer Hut and Pātēr Liquor Store purchases. This is just one of the many benefits of being a part of this community that celebrates and supports black-owned tequila brands.

In conclusion, let’s celebrate and support black-owned tequila brands by trying out their amazing products!


Are all black owned tequilas made from 100% blue agave?

No, not all black-owned tequilas are made from 100% blue agave. However, some of the brands we’ve listed in this article do use 100% blue agave to make their tequilas.

Are black owned tequilas more expensive than other tequilas?

Not necessarily. The price of black-owned tequilas can vary depending on the brand and the quality of the product. Some brands may be more expensive than others, but there are also affordable options available.

How can I find black owned tequila brands in my area?

You can search online for black-owned liquor stores or check out social media pages that feature black-owned businesses. You can also ask your local liquor store if they carry any black-owned tequila brands.

Can I order black owned tequila online?

Yes, you can order many black-owned tequila brands online through their websites or through online retailers like Drizly or ReserveBar.

Are there any health benefits to drinking tequila?

In moderation, some studies suggest that drinking tequila may have health benefits such as aiding digestion and reducing inflammation. However, it’s important to drink responsibly and not exceed recommended limits for alcohol consumption.

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