Company Profile UnScripted Entertainment (‘UE”) is a multi-media entertainment & embroidery company located in Massapequa Park, NY. Media - UE has 3 media teams Music, Videography & Podcasting. UE’s music team has over 25 years of experience including production, writing & mixing. The UE music team works w/ the artist to improve each song by fixing musical imperfections through heightened engineering. UE’s videography team are experts at video production, video editing & lighting. Use state of the art equipment, including 4k cameras (Sony's A6300), high-def. lighting & camera drones. The editing software enables the UE’s videography team to create effects, smooth transitions and enhance color grading for each video. UE podcasting team has proficient knowledge of current trends, different cultures & newsworthy events. On all streaming services, including: spotify, you tube, instagram, apple, twitter, etc. The UE podcast team offers its services three ways: (i) video only, (ii) audio only or (iii) video & audio. Embroidery - UE creates & sells embroidered & “heat and seal” merchandise. UE applies the highest scale software and hardware (Avance) to achieve superior quality and efficiency. UE specializes in adapting modern skills and techniques for sustaining new trends of innovative creations. UE’s online catalog is full of the latest corporate and business apparel, along with a large selection of athletic and school spirit wear. UE’s embroidery team offers excellent customer service, digitalized logos, pattern design suggestions, competitive pricing and on time delivery. A list of garments we are able to customize are: T-shirts & shirts, sweats, fleeces, outerwear, sportswear, school wear, accessories such as caps, bags, etc. All UE’s teams work hard at creating original content through current digital innovation. The senior members of the UE team oversee the planning, development & execution of each team’s marketing, advertising initiatives & creative concepts. UE is able to maintain it’s competitiveness by owning and controlling all of the master copies, copyrights and licenses of all productions.


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